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Estate Liquidation Companies

Estate Liquidators Take the Work Out of Downsizing or Selling Up

One of the most difficult tasks we face as adults is emptying out a home after a loved one passes away. At Monarch Estate Sales, we can help minimize the disruption and stress in your life as fast and effective estate liquidators. We maintain a wide network of contacts so that finding a home for valuable antiques, sports collectibles, fine art, and your grandmother's china is done quickly and with as little pain as possible. Just hand us the keys and we can do everything from cleaning to closing.

Our Estate Liquidation Companies Work with Your Realtor after the Sale

Not only do our estate liquidation companies work to place your valuables in the best light for a quick sale, we also work with local realtors. An estate sale is a great opportunity to bring a large number of people onto the property and spark interest when the home goes up for sale. We can work to set up an Open House as soon as possible after the big sale clears out the clutter. You end up with multiple offers and a fast turn around with minimal work on your part.

Sort, Clean, Sell, Donate, and Close

As estate liquidators, we have a complete team poised to help with every aspect of the estate sale. We will sort through the library, music collections, knick knack shelves, and catalog fine furniture. We can contact high volume buyers and specialty shops with interest in your type of items. We will scrub the house and bring our available handyman in to fix things up. Whatever you need to have done to net the best possible result, we can do that.

Give us a call at Monarch Estate Sales and minimize the sting of selling off a well-loved estate. We are the helping hand with all the muscle, experience, and dedication you need to rely on during one of the most trying times in your life.

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