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Estate Liquidators Near Me

Professional Estate Liquidators Deliver More for Your Money

Whether you are looking to downsize or are clearing out a home of a loved one, you need to be able to capitalize on all the wealth hidden between its walls. At Monarch Estate Sales we can help you find buyers for more items, which puts more cash in your bank account and sends less stuff off to the donation center. As professional estate liquidators, we hire the extra staff and take the time required for a fast yet profitable estate sale and prepare the property for sale.

Estate Liquidators Near Me Work with Your Realtor for Fast Results

We understand that many times when you need to hold an estate sale, you also want to sell the house. We are the estate liquidators near me with contacts in the local realty and home sales scene, so we can start promoting the property for sale before you even hold the estate sale. Many times estate shoppers will indicate interest in the house, which opens the door for early bids. Once the house is empty, we can stage it and make it ready for your realtor to take over the reins.

Give Us a Call--We Do the Rest

When you just don't have the time to even think about selling off an estate, we can take over and do it all. As professional estate liquidators we can pick up the keys, sort, store, clean, stage, and sell all the contents in the home. We are able to have the leftovers taken to the donation center. We can even take care of some simple home repairs to improve the estate sale results. We are literally the one-stop shop for estate sales.

If you need help cleaning out your own home or the property of a beloved family member, give Monarch Estate Sales a call today.

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