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Texas Estate Sales

Our Texas Estate Sales Team Tackle Every Detail For You

Are you downsizing and have decided that a simple garage sale just won't clear out your house? Monarch Estate Sales offers the knowledge, extra manpower, and connections needed to help clear out a home filled with decades of memories, clutter, and hidden valuables. Known as one of the Texas Estate Sales companies in the area, you will see a higher return on your sale and see more of all that stuff move on out the door.

Estate Sale Services Near Me Offer More than an Auctioneer and Signage

It takes years of experience to be able to identify truly priceless heirlooms vs. a cherished yet common antique. When you hire our estate sale services near me, you benefit from our motivation and connections. Not only will we help you decide what is going on sale, what you want to keep for your smaller home, and what should go straight to the donation pile, we can also assist in giving the house a good scrubbing and staging it for the best effect. Our customers consistently see a higher return from their estate sales while limiting the time it takes to prepare for the big event.

Staging Highlights the Best Pieces for a Fast Turnaround

How do premiere estate sales companies do it? We complete a detailed inventory of the home, note which pieces are the most desirable, create lots, contact avid shoppers and dealers, and finally stage the home for presentation. Shoppers have a clear path to all the best items with pricing clearly labeled and our professional assistants positioned throughout the home. Whether the sale takes a day, weekend, or entire week, you get a larger check and fewer items are sent to the donation pile or landfill.

Call us at Monarch Estate Sales and start your downsizing project today! We will have you moved out and into your new home in short order.

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