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Estate Sales

Make the Most Out of Your Estate Sale

Whether you or your loved one needs to sell their lifelong home, Monarch Estate Sales is here to help every step of the way. While estate sales are known for selling off a property after the owner has passed on, in many instances the owner may simply wish to move from the big house into a smaller condo or even an assisted living facility. Whatever your plans may be, we are here to help it happen quickly and professionally.

Prompt and Professional Estate Sale Companies for the Win

Our team will help you sort your furniture, china, artwork, and collections and prepare your home for a complete estate sale. After the big day, we will send whatever items you do not want off for donation. We can also come in before and after the sale to clean your home. Our handyman is even available to fix up the small problems around the house to give you the best stage for a successful sale.

Cleaning, Pricing, Staging, and Listing Can All Be Included

Many of our clients wish to place the property up for sale after the home is cleared of all the clutter. As one of the more successful estate sale companies in the area, not only do we know how to stage your home to sell its contents, as also work with many of the most successful realtors in the area and can help expedite the process of preparing the house for listing. There is less for you to worry about, which is most valuable in times of stress.

If you would like to know more about how Monarch Estate Sales can help your family through a trying time, give us a call. We will come out to the property, do a complete survey, and provide you with costs, timelines, and all the extra services we have available.

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